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Believe a lot of mom had encountered darling to accumulate the problem that feed, should know dot is accumulated feeding can be to feel abdominal distension only not just, or now and then occurrence diarrhoea is disgusting vomitive reaction, the child still can have the symptom that has a fever repeatedly, for instance just allay a fever a few hours or allay a fever begins occurrence high fever one day again, have a fever so and do not mix really surely the cold is relative, come from a few elements at other side very likely.

 Children accumulating is fed can have a fever repeatedly

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Cause the cause with calorific children

1.Respiratory tract infection: It is children gives out heat the commonnest cause. The child often expresses the medical history of existing catch a cold, shed tears from time to tome together, pharynx is painful, cough, lack of power, headache, muscle is painful wait unwell.

2.Gastric bowel path affects: The child can have the medical history with feculent food, at the same time companion has disgusting, vomit, bellyacke, the expression such as diarrhoea.

3.Secrete make water fastens infection: The child may have cry be troubled by uneasiness, abdomen is aching, perhaps have blood in the urine, frequent micturition, make water is urgent. Uric convention sees red leucocyte.

4.Surgical acute abdominal disease: OK and calorific, bellyacke, vomit, diarrhoea, blood picture heighten, c reaction albumen is apparent heighten. Child bellyacke symptom is not apparent, cry sometimes be troubled by uneasiness, drive is poor, allow fallibility examine. Want to take seriously highly. Need close observation.

 Children accumulating is fed can have a fever repeatedly

Is the child calorific how to do?

If once the child has have a fever, must prove fevered cause above all, regular chemical examination includes hematic convention, uric convention, groovy, blood biochemistry, still have the examination that a few cause of disease learn, abdominal colour exceeds, examination of line of pectoral abdomen X.

Made clear the reason ability that have a fever to be treated to disease only, according toLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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The remedial program that become, fight phlogistic disease-resistant poison to treat, common treatment includes to notice to restLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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Breath, drink water more, assure enough sleep. Delicate food.

If be the infection that gastric bowel, notice dehydrate of fluid infusion prevention and cure even, protect alvine waySh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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Small zoology.

 Children accumulating is fed can have a fever repeatedly

Secrete make water fastens infection, stimulate a symptom without obvious uric way more, bellyacke is so calorificForum of Shanghai night net

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, must the groovy convention that check make water, remedial time should grow, general 10 arrive 14 days.

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