Blizzard there is a place in the winter this year cold: About a hundred employee is exposed to the sun to leave one’s post

The game industry disturbance this year is ceaseless, according to the view of Eurogamer, a lot of employee that work in the client service department of blizzard, accepted this leave one’s posting that issues trade to compensate recently, message personage expresses, this batch basically comes from the European client that is located in Irish division gram to serve business section from office staff, will leave his post later on this month. According to saying, blizzard recently the staff member of Xiang Keke office offerred a few months 5 times to leave one’s post compensation, increase filling indemnity to be equivalent to salary one year. Although amount is not small, but blizzard express in interview, the company does not encourage employee to accept it, say this is a long-term plan, will in the whole world many agency are popularized. Still express at the same time, company structure optimizes the client that won’t win to the player to serve quality to produce negative effect, and Irish division is overcome will ” the main component that continues to become us to support a service in European client ” . This company shows, “Our player is the core that we do all businesses, also will continue to offer and capture the service level of special honour repeatedly likewise today in prospective blizzard. ” early before the report says, blizzard pay close attention to financial standing more this year, moving especially inspect blizzard investor to concern after Amrita Ahuja of senior vice president holds the position of presiding and financial officer.

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