” bullet talking is broken ” actor changes black and white Xiong Sheng ” cherry small a round mass of food ” replace

Spike Chunsoft announces now, ” cherry small a round mass of food ” in the acoustical actor Tarako of small a round mass of food will be in ” bullet talking is broken ” next parts are received in series the dub of black and white bear works.

Before, black and white bear this part is admire era to go out by big hill act, but she sufferred from unfortunately in May 2015 went up to break wisdom disease, can no more continue to work. From June ” bullet talking is broken ” the living theatre begins, tarako will hold the position of the sound of black and white bear formally to actor or actress. Additional the animation July ” bullet talking is broken 3: The peak lyceum that The End Of hopes ” and inside 2016 be about to the game of put on sale ” new pill talks broken V3: New term of mutual fight closely ” medium black and white Xiong Ye will be held the position of by Tarako.

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