” keep watch pioneer ” the vanward line of the player in concealing glamour to seek fokelore

Group of the first person shoots blizzard head money game ” keep watch pioneer ” already on May 24 global synchronism appears on the market, the wardmate with long already expect people leave hospital in succession, devote into the battle of this future. Temporarily between, keep watch the pioneer became the most popular topic on the net, and before do not play ” keep watch pioneer ” await and blame the boundless motive force that read aloud to become netizens to undertake creating when, the vanward line agitation of big recently heat is originating this.

” keep watch pioneer ” the heroic part that at present 21 have distinguishing feature each, besides powerful character charm, of heroes good (fart) personally () material also is vermicelli made from bean starch all the time people take delight in talking about, take beginning, a big player begins to bask in those who give his to have deep love for.

Who says game players is curtilage male, ” keep watch pioneer ” the various pioneer line of players can let a person see boundless charm.

If when # I have vanward line # , the problem begins to have one’s moment in sina small gain, a lot of network a favourite by sb in power and common vermicelli made from bean starch also begin to experience the distinctive glamour of vanward line, initiative in participating in its, the expressional form of vanward line also becomes increasing appearance is changed, too many things to see letting a person.

Of vanward line have one’s moment with ” keep watch pioneer ” high quality the enthusiasm with players is not divided, besides the interesting union with game, it also developed players conceal glamour.

After the vanward line that has read so much, you also have some of ready to star wriggling-ready to make trouble, want to show the glamour that belongs to oneself? Not bashful, open your cerebral hole, extend your body, also come beautiful give oneself vanward clue! Of course, also did not forget to experience that lets a person of cannot help doing sth ” keep watch pioneer ” oh!

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