” the stone of the century 2: Giant megalith ” ginseng exhibit E3 to land PC and lead plane

ATLUS announces today ” the stone of the century 2: Giant megalith ” , it is ACE Team ” the stone of the century ” add is made, this is an unique tower defends pastime, player control rock boils fall, destroy the enemy’s fort. ATLUS also disclosed a few new distinguishing feature, contain following content:

Much person mode increases to 4 people – it is a kind of friendly small-sized competition, 4 people together online play 2V2 game, control dead the other side with stone each other, the player can define his banner oneself, give oneself unit tie-in and different facial expression. Road by traverse, you also can drive the enemy’s stone to gain an advantage.

Physical effect and the improvement that can destroy an environment – game by visional 4 engine development, ” the stone of the century 2 ” upgraded physical effect, more element can interact. The fun with the biggest play is you whereabouts rolling stone can let on big hill.

Game cut looks to pursue together below, with prevue. ” the stone of the century 2 ” ATULS will be exhibited in E3 offer try play, game will land PC this year, PS4 and Xbox One.

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