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Welcome to ” 3DM morning paper ” , today is on May 14, 2019 the traditional Chinese calendar at the beginning of April 10. understand for a short while fall to爱上海同城手机版

there is what newest information today! Open state division is in EPIC game store be without omen to fall, EPIC game store opened 阿拉爱上海同城

a country yesterday area, and support for a short while pay treasure and small letter buy game. Add uninterrupted give free game, to the appeal of domestic player nature need not say more. [click enter] ” GTA5 ” and ” big armed escort 2 ” sell Take-Two money the newspaper greatly affirm on telephone conference, manufacture by Rockstar ” car of hunt of pilfer of a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous co上海龙凤论坛sh1f


nduct 5 ” and ” wild big armed escort 2 ” game of two open mode achieved v上海夜网论坛

ery breathtaking sale result. ” car of hunt of pilfer of a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct 5 ” global shipment volume breaks through 100 million 1 ten million to cover, 2018 of ability put on sale ” wild big armed escort 2 ” in PS4 and XboxOne volume of shipment of double platform accumulative total also was broken through 2 1000 1 million 4. ” warlike machine 5 ” doubt of cover o上海千花网论坛

f day of put on sale is like divulge a basis Taiwan classifications the news that the website announces, xboxOne blows hard ” warlike machine 5 ” cover has been divulged probably. Another website still alleges the date of put on sale that got this play, this website indicates ” warlike machine 5 ” will appear on the market on September 10. ” bizarre world: Incorporeal storm ” real opportunity tries those who play video to made public external first 2016 ” bizarre world: Incorporeal storm ” released first game to try today eventually play premonitory video. Make the lineal add that is bizarre world originally, we can see in video fight and build wait for a system, this making predict to appeared on the market 2020.
Classification according to Taiwan game the information with listed website shows, rolled out in each big play platform by elegant Dali 2009 ” the dare-to-die troops that catch spirit ” refashion edition will be rolled out in XboxOne platform. Strange hunt Like ” dauntless ” appear on the market formally this month chase behavioral game ” dauntless ” development business Phoneix Labs affirms this making formally to will land PC, PS4 and XboxOne on May 21, PC edition will land EPIC store. Game plan can be changed after player of family expenses machine lands EPIC account, receive corresponding award. ” dauntless ” Switch edition also is among development. Netflix postpones the E3 game that this year E3 makes public game to plan famous network video to shed media to serve business and content manufacturer Netflix to will attend to was held in los angeles this year in June certainly, will make public at the appointed time other the game plan that starts teleplay formerly. ” free power culminating alliance 3 ” player of allusion of spy of purchase in advance passes Switch of purchase in advance of shop of Ren Tiantang government exclusive game ” free power culminating alliance 3 ” can get thematic key catenary and paster. This making will on July 19 put on sale. ” the song of ice and fire ” the novel is last two still half-baked although according to the HBO teleplay that the novel adapts ” the game of influence ” be about to fall next heavy curtain, treat Martin of · of R of · R · to divulge according to this fiction writer nevertheless, two stories with last novel still were not finished, the 2nd among them ” A Dream Of Spring ” have not begin to write even. Bring for everybody finally ” radiation 76 ” in the COS of nuclear young woman, wish everybody the life is happy today, we will see tomorrow.

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