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Article introduction

Gram is very common cate calls green red bean again, gram has the effect that clear heat relieves inflammation or internal heat, gram is used extensively between the life, summer the drink that gram is disappear heat, winter gram is nourishing fine medicine, gram1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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Besides can stew congee, bao soup, still can do gram chop boiling water, gram chop soup can reduce the oily fishy smell in the flesh, the meat can eat in the process that drinks boiling water not only very contented, still can dissolve fat reduces weight.

The practice of gram chop soup? Gram has what nutrition

Nutrient effect

1, the summer wants disappear heat, head the first option that choose, it is gram certainly! Gram calls green red bean again, beans of ancient name Qia , establish beans, have the use such as commissariat, vegetable, green manure and medicine. It is the traditional legume food of our country people. The content of gram protein is 3 times of rice almost, the inorganic salt such as a variety of vitamins, calcic, phosphor, iron compares rice much. Accordingly, it not only have good edible value, stillSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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Have first-rate officinal value, of the ” eating cereal that has ” aid life say.

2, in sorching summer, gram soup is the disappear heat beverage that common people likes most more. Pleasant of gram sex flavour is cool, have the meritorious service of clear hot detoxify. The person that summer works in high temperature environment perspires much, water fluid loss is very big, the electrolyte inside body is destroyed evenly, using gram to boil Shang Lai to complement is optimal method, can gas of beneficial of clear hot weather, stop thirsty diuresis, can complement not only moisture, and return salt of can seasonable compensatory inorganic, having important sense evenly to maintaining water fluid electrolyte. Gram congee also has similar effect. Gram still has alexipharmic effect. If encounter organic phosphor pesticide toxic, lead poisoning, alcoholism (drunk wine) or the circumstance such as medicine having a fault, OK before hospital rescue first soup of below fill one bowl of gram undertakes urgent processingLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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, often work below poisonous environment or contact the person of toxic substance, should often edible gram comes alexipharmic health care. Often edible gram returns OK and compensatory nutrition, enhance physical power.

The practice of gram chop soup? Gram has what nutrition


1, chop is washed clean, cut paragraph, when this measure is bought actually, the someone can help had been cut, come back to be washed again it is good to wash.

2, soup Bao adds water, conflagration heats water.

3, use the time that burns water, ginger cuts big, gram reserves with cool leach bubble.

4, oily boiler burns heat, add ginger to fry sweet, the boiler below chop breaks up fry fleshy edge shallow white.

5, the water in soup Bao is burned, enter chop of the parched in oily boiler inside soup Bao, do not carry oil! ! ! Otherwise soup is very ugly!

6, small fire leaves is Bao soup, the broken end that goes up in noodles in soup except float is cast aside with spoon during1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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With oily star, the colour and lustre that carries boiling water is clear.

7, chop Bao most after hour, can add has immersed mung bean. Agitate.

8, continue Bao soup restricts a hour, join salt, a few gallinaceous essence, can.

Measure makes appearance of chop Shang Yi when peace actually, just change complementary material into gram, hey hey…

The practice of gram chop soup? Gram has what nutrition

Gram brief introduction

Gram (formal name: VIgna Radiata) is cowpea of subfamily of a kind of legume, papilionaceous flower belongs to a plant, produce formerly India,

Burmese area. East Asia each country is cultivated generally now, africa, Europe, United States also has a few cultivating, china, Burmese waiting for a country is main gram exit country. Seed and bine by extensive edible. According to nutrient expert analysis, the precautionary disease index of gram is 245.93, vitality index is 2.87.

Study an analysis according to the scientist, gram has the bacteriostasis that fight bacterium, fall hematic fat action, defy tumor action, solutionShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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Poisonous action, ate greatly beneficial to the body.

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