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Some people are not had at ordinary times hot not joyous, via regular meeting blast a few dry chili eat, want of a dry chili blast sweetShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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Fragile, besides make sure dry chili works quite beyond, oily Wen Ye is more important, should prepare additionally other a few feed capable person, wait e.g. aniseed of black sesame seed of Chinese prickly ash feed capable person. The dry chili that such blast come out just is met sweet fragile, right amount at ordinary times having a few chili have profit, but do not want overfeeding, we read the content of this respect.

Dry chili how scamper sweet fragile

Dry chili how scamper sweet fragile

1, the pre-treatment of chili: Chili 20 grams, collect go the impurity in chili, purify straightens, put chili in hot water to immerse, time is 2 minutes commonly, water1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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Lukewarm control for 70 degrees usually, next chili cut paragraph

2, take soybean oil 100ml, before deepfry chili above all the blast in hot oil is being put after green ginger garlic is mincing, why should heat up oil? Only blast of hot oily ability gives the sweet smell of green ginger garlic, after blast of garlic of ginger waiting for green fizzles out greatly, again1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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Enter hot the chili that has handled.

Dry chili how scamper sweet fragile

3, just entered boiler in chili in when can conflagration, the lunt that can have a lot of at this moment appears, when when very few vapour appears, demonstrative chili is already fast scamper is good.

Eat chili to have what contraindication

1. suffers from intentionalShanghai Long Feng forum

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Cerebral blood-vessel disease, hypertensive disease is unfavorable have chili, ill patient of anxiety of chronic tracheitis, lung, tuberculosis is not exceptional also. Because chili element makes circulateShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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Blood measures leap, the heartbeat is accelerated, tachycardia, short-term inside a large number of taking, can cause sudden death of acute heart failure, heart, although did not produce an accident, also can hamper disease of original heart head blood-vessel reachs the rehabilitation of the pathological changes inside lung.

2. has the patient of chronic gastritis, gastric ulcer, esophagitis, as a result of the stimulation of chili element, oedema of mucous membrane hyperaemia, debaucjed, leap of gastric bowel peristalsis, and cause bellyacke, diarrhoea to wait, also affect the refreshment of digestive function.

Dry chili how scamper sweet fragile

3. has the patient of disease of chronic cholecystitis, bilestone, chronic pancreatitis, as a result of the stimulation of chili element, cause hydrochloric acid in gastric juice to secrete increase, hydrochloric acid in gastric juice became much can cause cystic systole, bravery pathA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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Buccal constrictor convulsion, cause biliary eduction difficulty, cause angina of cholecystitis, bravery and pancreatitis thereby.

4. has the patient of haemorrhoid, as a result of the stimulation of chili element, oedema of naevus vein hyperaemia, OK and aggravating haemorrhoid, form anal abscess even. Additionally chili can accentuate again constipation, make haemorrhoid becomes heavy.

5. has the patient diet chili of red-eyed disease, keratitis, the sexual smell that says chili from angle of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine is big Xin Dare, easy get angry and aggravating illness.

6. puerpera, pregnant woman is unfavorable edible chili, can appear not only talking around gives birth to sore, defecate is dry, the sicken; that also can make because of lactation baby if chili of urticant edible of Sao of vulva of female leucorrhoea grow in quantity, pregnant woman can accentuate.

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