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Pumpkin and bean curd can eat together, won’t produce the problem that food photograph overcomes, pumpkin nutrition value is very high, haveLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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The action of very good health care body, and bean curd contains high grade protein, also have the effect of very good take good care of sb to human body, they eat together do not have a problem completely, eating pumpkin at ordinary timesFall in love with the sea

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A few contraindication also should understand when, do not eat together with hotpot as far as possible for example, the food that do not want and contains a lot ofVc eats together.

 Can pumpkin and bean curd eat together

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Cannot eat together with what

1, pumpkin cannot be mixed hotpot eats together

Pumpkin and hotpot are the content of hot sex, eat together may bring about abdominal distension, constipation to wait a few diseases a moment. The person that worry infection sex disease and calorific symptom is unfavorable edible, in case the illness is exasperate.

2, pumpkin cannot be mixed yam eats together

Pumpkin and yam belong to easy sluggishLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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Gas food, if be not thoroughlied cook edible can be caused abdominal distension, if both is fed together, can bring about gas of intestines and stomach to bilge more, the bellyacke, water that spit acid.

3, pumpkin cannot be mixed the vegetable, fruit that contains a lot ofvitamin C eats together

Vitamin C is contained to decompose in pumpkin enzymatic, can destroy the vitamin C in the vegetable that contains vitamin C and fruit, at the same time oneself nutrition value also can be reduced, so both avoid is fed together. Vitamin C heat-resisting, this is enzymatic after pumpkin is thoroughlied cook be destroyed namely.

 Can pumpkin and bean curd eat together

Contain a lot ofthe dish of vitamin C: Spinach, cole, tomato, chili, a variety of Chinese cabbage, beautiful dish.

Contain a lot ofthe fruit of vitamin C: Apple, orange, pear, orange, strawberry.

4, pumpkin cannot be mixed hairtail togetherSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

Shanghai Long Feng forum

Hairtail contains a lot ofD of A of not high grade protein, saturated fatty acid and DHA, vitamin, vitamin to wait, have filling theory, raise liver, promote galactic generate wait for action, but feed meeting body together with pumpkin adverse.

5, pumpkin cannot be mixed vinegar eats together

Pumpkin is unfavorable add vinegar, acetic acid can destroy the nutrient element in pumpkin, reduce nutrient value.

6, pumpkin cannot be mixed shrimp eats together

Pumpkin and shrimp photograph are overcome, feed together can cause dysenteric, can use detoxify of black soya bean, licorice. Because a variety of microelement are contained in shrimp flesh, with pumpkin at the same time edible, can with among them pectic reaction, generate digest absorption substance hard, bring about dysenteric.

 Can pumpkin and bean curd eat together

7, pumpkin cannot be mixed crab eats together

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Pumpkin and crab feed avirulent side-effect together. The main reason that does not suggest to be fed together is pumpkin is contained rich ” cobaltic ” element, “Cobaltic ” element to falling blood pressure has better curative effect. The hypertensive patient of this and crab is unfavorable feed more, have the part with food unreasonable collocation, can not affect healthy, just offsetted each other dietotherapy action.

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